#ESGCares: Giving Back to the City That Made Us

2018 was an absolute unit. It was packed with office events, game updates, and most importantly, fundraisers. Our #ESGCares initiative has always been at the core of East Side Games, and we’ve been trying to grow it alongside our studio. The goal is simple: help those in need. Our contributions take various forms such as #PresentsOfPeace, WISH, Marathon for Meals, and some good ol’ fashioned bake sales.

Crabtree Corner

We like to keep our donations local. Giving to Crabtree Corner here in Vancouver makes sense to us. This way, our contributions go to women at risk in the Downtown Eastside. Along with our major fundraising events, we also donate our subscriptions from our Twitch channel and in-studio auctions. We hope this helps Crabtree Corner support marginalized women and families that struggle in this rainy city. Curious about Crabtree Corner’s services and programs? Check them out here! They’re truly doing amazing work.


This year we sponsored a family through the #PresentsOfPeace program. Thanks to both Crabtree Corner and YWCA Metro Vancouver, we were able to fulfill a family’s wish list this Christmas. Hopefully, this helped out a family in need during, what can be for some, the hardest season of all. We want to thank the YWCA for giving us this direct channel of support.


We also did a donation drive in the studio for WISH. Employees brought in essential life items for any woman living in the city. We assembled a bounty of toiletries and other basic everyday needs. WISH’s mission is “to improve the health, safety, and well-being of women who are involved in Vancouver’s sex trade”. When donating to WISH’s award-winning charity programs, you can be sure that it’s going to a good cause. Just take a gander at their stats! Last year, they served a colossal 9000 meals a month. Be sure to check out their programs over on their webpage if you’re interested in lending a hand.

Marathon for Meals

One of our big pushes to raise money is our Marathon for Meals event. With the help of other streamers and studios in Vancouver, we go live on Twitch for a 24-hour donation drive. Previously we had guests from Relic Entertainment, Power Up Audio, Red Hook, Klei, and a ton more. In 2017, Marathon for Meals raised over $4000 dollars for Crabtree Corner, and we hope the next one is even bigger. Tune into our Twitch channel on January 19th at 10 AM for the streaming event of the year… Well, it is to us! If you want to get involved, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

We raised nearly $6000 this year. According to the YWCA, this can give a single mother 40 months of meals, new clothes, education for their child, and a safe space to spend the holidays. Marathon Meals is our first charity event in 2019, and we plan to do many more and continue this tradition. We hope to increase our donations as our studio grows. We want to give back to the city that raised and nurtured us. Thanks to everyone who contributed in 2018, and even more thanks to the organizations that made this possible.