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It’s the size of your heart that matters. 

At East Side Games, we often talk about our origin story. We like to share the details of our scrappy, start-up beginnings, our lessons learned, as well as our failures along the way. We are pretty open about who we are and what got us to where we are today.   What you likely don’t […] Read More »

ESG is Powering Up Its Benefits

While making games is a dream job for many, its reality can be sobering at times. Like other creative endeavours, stress can arise between moments of elation and creation. As Jay-Z once famously opined, our daily lives equips us all with our own batch of 99 problems to work through. To help deal with life’s […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy October Updates!

  Welcome to Hockey Night in Sunnyvale, starring our very special guest, Nathan MacKinnon, (but you can call him Nate). Will Nate help the boys hat trick their way to victory, or will they end up in the penalty box? Keep your sticks on the ice because the puck drops on October 3rd.   Once […] Read More »

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