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Why Alberta Poses a New Threat to B.C. Gaming Industry

Business Vancouver recently discussed the growing game industry in Alberta with our CEO, Josh Nilson. Check it out below!   When Capcom Game Studio Vancouver Inc. closed in mid-September, the region’s video game sector, to use video game parlance, saw its health meter plummet. About 150 workers lost their jobs in the sudden closure brought […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money’s Spookiest Month Yet!

  October is upon us in Sunnyvale and something sinister is about to go down in the park. Which sh*thawk is guilty of knocking off residents one by one? You’ll have to play to find out!    Keep those sticks on the ice and your eyes on the puck! Hockey Camp is back with a […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money September Updates!

  This month is packed to the guts with greasy content! Get ready for new events, prizes, and seasons coming to Sunnyvale Trailer Park.    Orangie is turning one year older on September 6th! Be sure to boot up your brain phone at 2PM PDT to attend the festivities. Everyone’s showing up to get absolutely […] Read More »

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Lead Writer – Vancouver

East Side Games is looking for creative, multi-talented Lead Writer to join our team and add value to the narrative elements for our mobile games! You (yes, you!) will use your creative muscles to conceptualize narrative elements for our in-game events to create a compelling sto ... Read More »

User Acquisition Manager – Vancouver

East Side Games is searching for a User Acquisition Manager to join our new Growth Team. You (yes, you!) are a user acquisition guru who has led previous teams in campaign management or campaign analytics. As a data-driven person, you’ll know how to interpret important metrics ... Read More »

User Acquisition (Marketing) Artist – Vancouver

East Side Games is on the hunt for a User Acquisition (Marketing) Artist to join our new User Acquisition Team! You see art through a business lens and can help us create better quality advertising. You’ll partner with Data Analysts, Marketing Analysts, Campaign Managers, and ... Read More »

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