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Trailer Park Boys: 🍾 New Year, New January Updates! 🎉

   Grandma Obaa-Chan has the good stuff rolled up! Her grandsons are complete weirdos, but at least they’re always holding. Play the Cheeseburger Picnic event on January 3rd to unlock all three of them!     Keep your sticks on the pavement, boys! Hockey Camp is back on January 10th with brand new prizes! Just […] Read More »

#ESGCares: Giving Back to the City That Made Us

2018 was an absolute unit. It was packed with office events, game updates, and most importantly, fundraisers. Our #ESGCares initiative has always been at the core of East Side Games, and we’ve been trying to grow it alongside our studio. The goal is simple: help those in need. Our contributions take various forms such as […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: 🎄Deck the Halls with December Updates! 🎅🏻

   Carol? Who the F**k is Carol? Find out in our three-part Christmas event spectacular! A brand new story kicks off on December 6th, so get ready for a spiritual journey through Christmas past, present, and future.     The festivities continue! Tune in on December 13th for the second part of our Christmas Carol […] Read More »

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Technical Director – Vancouver

East Side Games is looking for a dynamic, multi-talented Technical Director to join our team. You (yes, you!) are well experienced in identifying business needs, leading multiple projects, and developing high performing teams. Not only do you have what it takes to scale and lead ... Read More »

Lead Writer – Vancouver

East Side Games is looking for a creative, multi-talented Lead Writer to join our team and add value to the narrative elements for our mobile games! You (yes, you!) will use your creative muscles to conceptualize narrative elements for our in-game events to create a compelling s ... Read More »

User Acquisition Manager – Vancouver

East Side Games is searching for a User Acquisition Manager to join our new Growth Team. You (yes, you!) are a user acquisition guru who has led previous teams in campaign management or campaign analytics. As a data-driven person, you’ll know how to interpret important metrics ... Read More »

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