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Trailer Park Boys: 🚘 New Collectors Coming to Sunnyvale! 🚔

   We have brand new Collectors coming to Sunnyvale! We’ve redone the tutorial, and now it gives out The Sunnyvale 5-0 Liquor Collector! It’s an easy grab for any greaseball! Just don’t break the law (as much) in front of it…     The Fuzz Buggy Character Card Collector is drifting into the park as […] Read More »

East Side Games on Electric Playground

  We had the privilege of being interviewed by the one and only Victor Lucas for the second time. We guess he must like us… All we know for sure is, we’re always happy to be invited back to Electric Playground! Check out the video and get a deep dive into the mind of our […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: 🎂 Happy Borntday to Greasy Money! 🎂

   We’re about to piledrive the second half of Sunnyvale Screw Job right onto your device! Get ready for this stunner of a finish on April 4th at 2:00 PDT!     Choo choo, greaseballs! The Swayzie Express is stopping at Sunnyvale station on April 11th at 2:00 PDT. Hold tight! This one might go […] Read More »

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DevOps Lead – Vancouver

East Side Games is looking for a DevOps Lead with significant technical expertise and experience to support and develop application infrastructure for the 24/7 operation of our games and products. You (yes, you!) will lead and mentor the systems infrastructure team and provide t ... Read More »

Technical Director – Vancouver

East Side Games is looking for a dynamic, multi-talented Technical Director to join our team. You (yes, you!) are well experienced in identifying business needs, leading multiple projects, and developing high performing teams. Not only do you have what it takes to scale and lead ... Read More »

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