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Trailer Park Boys: 🐈 Who Doesn’t Love Bubbles? ❤️

  Who doesn’t love Bubbles?! Since his debut on Trailer Park Boys, this shed-dwelling resident of Sunnyvale has become a household name. In 2017, nearly twenty years later, Bubbles and the rest of the boys made the jump from the small to the even smaller screen as a main character in the Trailer Park Boys: […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: ⭐️ Someone Famous is Coming to Sunnyvale This February! 🎸

   Not sure who has the nicest cat in the park? Well, we plan on settling that! Tune in to our Best in Show event on February 7th and get frisky!     We’re mixing up the Cutest Couple event! Sunnyvale is hosting a dating contest to find Sarah Mr. Right. Could it be Phil […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: 🍾 New Year, New January Updates! 🎉

   Grandma Obaa-Chan has the good stuff rolled up! Her grandsons are complete weirdos, but at least they’re always holding. Play the Cheeseburger Picnic event on January 3rd to unlock all three of them!     Keep your sticks on the pavement, boys! Hockey Camp is back on January 10th with brand new prizes! Just […] Read More »

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DevOps Lead – Vancouver

East Side Games is looking for a DevOps Lead with significant technical expertise and experience to support and develop application infrastructure for the 24/7 operation of our games and products. You (yes, you!) will lead and mentor the systems infrastructure team and provide t ... Read More »

Community Representative – Vancouver

East Side Games is on the hunt for a Community Representative to join our growing Community Team! You’re talented with all things related to online customer support, available to work weekends, and are a sponge that absorbs the vibe of our players in order to monitor satis ... Read More »

Technical Director – Vancouver

East Side Games is looking for a dynamic, multi-talented Technical Director to join our team. You (yes, you!) are well experienced in identifying business needs, leading multiple projects, and developing high performing teams. Not only do you have what it takes to scale and lead ... Read More »

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