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Trailer Park Boys: June Updates

   It’s that time of year again… Samsquamptch season. We’re on the hunt for that shaggy hellion. Join us in our quest to capture this elusive beast. The New Samsquamptch event is out June 6th with brand new prizes that are… quite the catch.     I take thee liquor to be thy liquor in […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: 💥 Mayday! Mayday! New Updates Incoming! 💥

   Come in, NASAR? We’re clear for takeoff to Juniper, right? Hello? The Space Camp event is back on May 2nd with brand new prizes that are OUT OF THIS WORLD!     Lock and load, officers! We’ve got a completely new story for this month’s Police Academy event! Get ready to crush crime or, […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: 🚘 New Collectors Coming to Sunnyvale! 🚔

   We have brand new Collectors coming to Sunnyvale! We’ve redone the tutorial, and now it gives out The Sunnyvale 5-0 Liquor Collector! It’s an easy grab for any greaseball! Just don’t break the law (as much) in front of it…     The Fuzz Buggy Character Card Collector is drifting into the park as […] Read More »

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Senior Software Engineer – Unity

  East Side Games is on the lookout for a Senior Software Engineer with Unity Experience to join our successful mobile LIVE-OPS game team for “Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money”. We want you (yes, you!) as our dedicated Senior Software Engineer who will make use of your t ... Read More »

2D Game Artist (Intermediate)

East Side Games has an opportunity to join our art division to create new concepts, assets, and animation for our mobile and social games! You (yes, you!) are a focused, deadline-driven, independent individual that likes to put input and contribution to where it counts in the mo ... Read More »

Lead Software Engineer

East Side Games has an immediate opening for a Lead Software Engineer to lead the engineering team for a fiercely independent group that champions co-development efforts with partner studios leveraging ESG’s own proprietary technology. You (yes, you!) are known for your people ... Read More »

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