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A Letter From a Founder on Equality

After a very fiery vocal discussion about our health benefits forms in the office this morning, we (the entire studio) received an email from HR stating: Due to Jason Bailey’s passionate rant this morn about gender boxes on the benefit forms and forcing employees to state their sexual orientation by identifying their partner’s gender AND […] Read More »

#ESGcares – Crabtree Corner

    As with yesterday’s Valentine’s Day treats, we’ve been on a roll with our determination to be more active in our charitable mindset. . Every year around the Christmas holidays, with the help of our families, and friends, we raise money to support Crabtree. But in 2015, we decided to do something a little bit […] Read More »

#ESGcares – Valentines Day

There’s a reason why we are coined Eastside Games, and it’s because we are part of the Eastside in Vancouver (or DTES as it’s known). We live in it — a lot of us do, anyways –, we work in it, we love it, and we aren’t keen on turning a blind eye to the rest of […] Read More »

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Community Champion

  East Side Games is on the hunt for a social mediavore to be our next Community Champion. You (yes, you!) are talented with all things related to online customer support and are able to work Saturday through Wednesday. You are a sponge that is able to absorb the vibe of ... Read More »

General Application

East Side Games is home to a dedicated, collaborative team with a passion for crafting quirky, highly creative social and mobile games. If you are looking for an innovative, fast-paced environment where your work makes a difference, we’d like to talk to you. Have you looke ... Read More »

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