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Trailer Park Boys: Win Cyrus!

Swayzie Express – New and Improved! The Swayzie Express event is back but with new updates! The event has been completely ref**kulated so you better change up your tactic because old strategies won’t work!  Win Cyrus! Cyrus is up for grabs in the latest event! He may be a jerk, but he’s going to boost profits […] Read More »

East Side Games’ Gundam Club

– Gundam Club Rules: 1) Have fun 2) Safety first 3) You don’t talk about Gundam Club 4) Tell everyone about Gundam Club 5) All nerds are welcome – In Episode 23 of Gundam Build Fighters, Tatsuya Yuki explains, “Gunpla is freedom. You can build as you like.” Do the members of East Side Games’ […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: Rap Battle is Back!

Rap Battles and Snowmobiles Will J Roc get his swagger back? The Rap Battle event is coming back on January 11th at 2:00 PM PST! This greasy event will be live for 4 days, so make sure to play in order to win a brand new Snowmobile!  Ride Around Sunnyvale in Style This bad boy works all […] Read More »

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QA Manager

East Side Games is looking for a dedicated QA Manager to join our growing team. You (yes, you!) are a leader, a strong communicator, and understand various disciplines in the F2P world. You’re known for your excellent investigative skills and have a keen eye for identifyin ... Read More »

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