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Trailer Park Boys: Halloween Event Part 2!

Zombleys are all over Sunnyvale and we’re just fighting for our lives. Raykins are everywhere, everybody’s turning, and Julian is bitten! Our brains are short circulating trying to keep up. What will happen next? There’s another Halloween event coming, and it’s picking up where the story left off. Forgot what happened? Don’t worry, Conky will […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money – Zombie Outbreak Hits Sunnyvale!

Get locked and loaded, boys (not too loaded)! Those greasy raykins are on the loose spreading the zombie plague. Look out for infected residents! The latest event is LIVE for the next four days so it’s survival of the fitness from here on out. Alright, you’ll be collecting brains in this one. Work hard and […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: Live Event – He’s Cool Now!

We’re celebrating Orangie’s Bornt Day again! Which Orangie is this? Oh well, just get ready to crack some liquor and celebrate with a new prize: Cool Now! The event is live now and will end in four days! Ricky just busted this guy out of a hot car, and he’s cool now. Oh, that’s a […] Read More »

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Senior Software Engineer

East Side Games has an immediate opening for a Senior Software Engineer. As our in-house Engineer, you’ll make use of your prior technical experience in game development to create multi-platform games for Android and iOS. You’ll work with other client-side and server-side e ... Read More »

Lead Software Engineer – Unity

East Side Games is on the lookout for a Lead Software Engineer with Unity experience.  We want you (yes, you!) as our dedicated Lead Unity Engineer who will make use of your technical experience in game development. You’re an aficionado in Unity3D and apply it to multi-platfo ... Read More »

Intermediate Software Engineer

East Side Games has an immediate opening for an Intermediate Software Engineer. You (yes, you!) have a passion for clean code and are experienced in games and/or web development.  You are able to work under tight deadlines and successfully perform fast iterations with agility a ... Read More »

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