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Trailer Park Boys: The Green Bastard!

Bubbles? Who’s Bubbles? It’s the Green Bastard, parts unknown, baby! Enter the wrassling ring during the Rap Battle event March 15th at 2PM for your chance to try to take him down. Be warned though, he’s a tough opponent. Watch the trailer to size him up! Here by popular demand… Earn this powerful costume that gives […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: Hunt Samsquamptch!

The Hunt for Samsquamptch Begins! Oh my god, boys. We’re officially dealing with a Samsquamptch. It’s probably a 10 footer by the looks of it. Some say they don’t exist, but you try telling that to all the people who got eaten by them! This hairy bastard is coming to the next event on March […] Read More »

Trailer Park Boys: The Return of the Zombie Apoctalips!

The Zombie Apoctalips has returned! Back by popular demand, this event is a fan favourite! The boys are gonna need your help against the undead invasion on March 1st at 2PM PST. Complete with a brand new story, rebalance, and unlocks! It will be available to all players past Season 5! She’s large and in […] Read More »

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UI/UX Manager

East Side Games is looking for a dynamic and creative UI/UX Manager to join our team. You (yes, you!) will own the UI/UX process and play a key role in building the mobile properties for our games. With your talents, you’ll supply creative approaches to learning new techno ... Read More »

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