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A Letter From a Founder on Equality

After a very fiery vocal discussion about our health benefits forms in the office this morning, we (the entire studio) received an email from HR stating: Due to Jason Bailey’s passionate rant this morn about gender boxes on the benefit forms and forcing employees to state their sexual orientation by identifying their partner’s gender AND […] Read More »

#ESGcares – Crabtree Corner

    As with yesterday’s Valentine’s Day treats, we’ve been on a roll with our determination to be more active in our charitable mindset. . Every year around the Christmas holidays, with the help of our families, and friends, we raise money to support Crabtree. But in 2015, we decided to do something a little bit […] Read More »

#ESGcares – Valentines Day

There’s a reason why we are coined Eastside Games, and it’s because we are part of the Eastside in Vancouver (or DTES as it’s known). We live in it — a lot of us do, anyways –, we work in it, we love it, and we aren’t keen on turning a blind eye to the rest of […] Read More »

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Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

  East Side Games is looking for a dedicated Senior Quality Assurance Analyst to join our small but mighty team.You (yes, you!) have excellent investigative skills and a keen eye for identifying potential defects. You enjoy working in a tight-knit environment where your ass ... Read More »

Senior Software Engineer

  East Side Games has an immediate opening for a back-end Senior Software Engineer. You have a passion for clean code and have experience in game, start-up, or web development environments. You (yes, you!) are able to work under tight deadlines and successfully perform fa ... Read More »

Game Design Director

  East Side Games is looking for a dynamic, multi-talented Game Design Director to join our team. You (yes, you!) hold a strong understanding of F2P product design & evolution in the marketplace. Not only do you have what it takes to lead a team, but you’re an expert ... Read More »

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