Welcome to the new I Like Slots!

Welcome to the new I Like Slots!
The classic slots title by developer East Side Games receives a major update and modern-day reboot.

East Side Games, makers of Pot Farm, have brought back the classic hit I Like Slots. Originally released in 2009, it is one of the first community-driven slots games on Facebook.

The new I Like Slots is designed to be enjoyed by all kinds of players. Each machine not only has a unique theme, but also a completely different play style. Start the game off by spinning on old-school and traditional slot machines with single winning lines. Earn mountains of coins, experience points, and levels to unlock newer, fancier machines reminiscent of those found in modern-day casinos.

Race to the top of the leaderboards with horseshoes! When playing the new I Like Slots for the first time, players are challenged to collect horseshoes by matching every possible combination on the payout table for added bonuses. Unlock massive coin rewards and bragging rights by obtaining the most horseshoes. New and innovative payout tables add deeper levels of gameplay and skill, rather than luck, as players hit the slots. Now your friends, horseshoes, and skill level all play pivotal roles in climbing the weekly leaderboards!

“We’re rebooting the franchise and re-energizing the game with a modern twist,” says the game’s lead programmer.

Face off or share your winnings with new social features, including a global leaderboard that ranks players on how many coins and horseshoes they have collected. The I Like Slots team promises to make the game the most community-driven slots game on Facebook. On the I Like Slots Facebook fan page, players can expect to be entertained with daily giveaways, prizes and other rewards.

“The new I Like Slots has a dedicated fan-base and strong community. We’re proud to be building this game for our players. We believe there’s something special about these fans and we really want to make it a better experience for them,” says the game’s producer.

The new I Like Slots release date is August 16, 2012. Follow the game’s progress and like it on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ilikeslots.

Horseshoes in I Like Slots

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