Trailer Park Boys: Live Event – He’s Cool Now!

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money - New Seasons

We’re celebrating Orangie’s Bornt Day again! Which Orangie is this? Oh well, just get ready to crack some liquor and celebrate with a new prize: Cool Now! The event is live now and will end in four days!

Trailer Park Boys - Greasy Money - Cool Now the Weiner Dog
Ricky just busted this guy out of a hot car, and he’s cool now. Oh, that’s a good name for the guy! Unlock him to boost your Mystic Fingers profits! Smokes, let’s go!

Trailer Park Boys - Greasy Money - Orangie Bornt Day
Did you miss out on getting Orangie? Good news! You can unlock him in this event as well. Get in there, bud! Let’s get greasy!


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