Trailer Park Girls: Queens Get the Money

Trailer Park Girls: Queens Get the Money

It’s Ladies Night, girls!

The boys are in the slammer, and the women are partying hard. Too bad they also have to run the park while getting liquored… What could go wrong? Well, tune in on July 26th at 2 PM PT to find out!

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Ladies' Night

Queen Sarah

Queen Sarah Gets the Money!

She sure knows how to throw a greeeeeasy party! Too bad she has to fend off Cyrus and his goons as they try to take over Sunnyvale. Her party getup will quadruple profits for your Mystic Fingers business!

Sarah and Marguerite

Even Marguerite is gettin’ down!

She’s ditched the walker and is ready to slam some liquor with the gals. This timeless muumuu ensemble will boost your Sunnyvale Casino profits by four times!

New Seasons
New seasons coming!

We’ve got some brand new, extra greasy game seasons coming your way! Get ready for five new stories of Sunnyvale’s finest this July 26th. Keep an eye on your brainphone, boys!


Ladies' Night Teaser Video
Watch the Girls Take Over

Check out the latest video for a sneak peek of the latest costumes for the Trailer Park Girls! They’re all dressed up for the occasion and looking fly.

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