Trailer Park Boys: Xmas Event Part Two

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Xmas event part 2

Xmas Event Continues

Ho ho ho, greaseballs! Part 2 of the Christmas Event is upon us! Starting on the 14th at 2PM PST, the event will run for 4 days. 

New Costumes!
New Costumes

We’ve got a brand new prize to celebrate the holiday season! Bubbles is looking good in his new duds, and you can unlock them in this event. They boost profits for the Wrestling Ring! Maybe if you’re lucky, Bubbles will play you a tune, too…

Let’s get greasy!

Next Week Part 3
Tune In Next Week 

Remember, this is part 2 of a 3 part Christmas Event! Part 3 will be next week. Until then, remember what Christmas is about: Getting drunk with your friends and family. Happy holidays, boys!



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