Trailer Park Boys: Xmas Event Conclusion!

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Xmas event part 3

Xmas Event Part 3

We’re back for the third part of our Christmas event series! Check it out for the greasy conclusion to this festive tale of holiday cheer… or holiday debauchery. The event kicks off on the 22nd at 11am PST for 4 days!

New Costumes!
New Costumes!

Phil’s a pretty convincing Santa, just needs to suck that gut in. This costume boosts the the Dirty Burger, too. 

Let’s get greasy!

Next Week Part 3
More New Costumes

Ricky’s classic holiday costume is also a prize. It’s the perfect look for giving speeches about the meaning of Christmas. It also boosts profits for all businesses!

Next Week Part 3
2x Hashcoin Sale!

From the 22nd to 25th, you can earn double the hashcoins on the offerwall! Get in there, make some coins, and save ‘em for a rainy day!



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