Trailer Park Boys: Win Reggie!

Trailer Park Boys Swayzie Express

Cheeseburger Picnic – Completely Retuned!

New character and event, let’s go! Cheeseburger Picnic has been completely retuned, so it’s time to try new tactics. The event starts at 2:00 PM PST on January 25th and ends on January 29th at 2:00 PM PST. Get in there quick if you want to unlock Reggie!

Trailer Park Boys Cyrus

Win a New Character: Reggie!

Drop into the latest event and unlock Reggie the Scrap Man! If you want to get Reggie in your park boosting your Roc Vodka profits, you better be ready to try some new tactics. Supply and command, boys!

Trailer Park Boys Cyrus

Baby Got Back

Did you miss the chance to unlock Baby Randy? He’s coming back, so you’ll get another chance to get this tiny gut baby too! The lil’ tyke will boost your Dirty Dancer. You can also win liquor, Hashcoins, and cards.

Trailer Park Boys 360 Sunnyvale Tour

Bubbles plunks his 360 camera in the middle of the action!

Spin the camera around to get a look at Julian’s trailer, Bubbles’ shed, and Ricky’s Shitmobile. Bubbles is also joined by a few friends and one dickweed!



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