Trailer Park Boys: Win Randy! The Greasiest Gut in the Park.

Trailer Park Boys Rap Battle

The curtains are opening!

Greasy prizes are up for grabs in the latest Community Theatre event, starting Thursday May 17th at 2PM PT! Make sure you play to unlock the prizes before the event ends Monday, May 21st at 4PM PT.

Win Randy!

Unlock the best gut in the park!

Give your Dirty Burger a hefty bonus with Randy. Just don’t let him eat all the product… A man’s gotta eat, ya know?

Trailer Park Boys Tanya

They’re back to spread the good news!

Unlock Tammy and Hampton this event to boost your park. Tanya will boost your Army Surplus’ profits 2X, and Hampton will double your Denture King’s profits. It’s time to see the light, boys!

Trailer Park Boys Hampton

Trailer Park Boys Live Stream

Join the Devs on Stream!

Curious about the best way to play an event? Maybe you want the latest Greasy Money news! Or maybe you just want to hang out and have a laugh! Tune in every Friday at 2:20PM PT over on our Facebook Page for a deeeeecent time!

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