Trailer Park Boys: Win Cyrus!

Trailer Park Boys Swayzie Express

Swayzie Express – New and Improved!

The Swayzie Express event is back but with new updates! The event has been completely ref**kulated so you better change up your tactic because old strategies won’t work! 

Trailer Park Boys Cyrus
Win Cyrus!

Cyrus is up for grabs in the latest event! He may be a jerk, but he’s going to boost profits for all your business… at gunpoint. You can also win liquor, Hashcoins and another chance to unlock the Swayzie Express if you missed it.

9 millimeter, safety always off. If you want to unlock Cyrus, be sure to play the event on January 18th, starting at 2PM PST. It’ll be live until the 22nd, so get in there while the getting’s good!

Trailer Park Boys 2018 Calendar

New Year, Same Old Boys

Get 12 Months of Trailer Park Boys on Your Wall. 2018 has already frigging begun but you’ve still got time to get Sexian for January!



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