Trailer Park Boys: Whoa, Did Julian Lose All His Muscles?

Trailer Park Boys Cheeseburger

Wait a Second… That’s not Julian!

Cheeseburger Picnic is back with a brand new prize! Julian’s looking a little bit thinner than usual. Wait that’s not Julian, that’s Jacob as Julian! You can win this exclusive Jacob costume, as well as unlock Reggie during this week’s event. It starts at 2:00 PM PT on May 3rd and ends at 4:00 PM PT on May 7th.

Jacob as Julian
Unlock Jacob as Julian!

Jacob finally put his hand down, to replace it with a glass of liquor. He’s definitely missing Julian’s sexy muscles to fit the part. Though his arms may be weak, he provides a strong power-up to your profit! Don’t miss out on this costume to provide a permanent 4X bonus to the Army Surplus! 

Trailer Park Boys Reggie

Reggie is back, hide your livestock!

He’s stepping out of the scrapyard and making his way to Sunnyvale. He’ll provide a permanent 2X bonus to Roc Vodka so don’t miss out on unlocking him this time around!

Trailer Park Boys Robot Bubbles

Beep-Boop Beep-Beep-Bork?

We’ve got a limited time promo coming on May the 4th for a super sci-fi Bubbles costume! Don’t miss your chance to catch to get Bubbles’ Robot Costume, liquor, and hash coins!


Trailer Park Boys Europe Tour

The Boys are leaving the park!

Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and Randy are heading to the UK, Ireland, Amsterdam AND Reykjavik this September! Get your tickets here before they all frig off.


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