Trailer Park Boys: What do Canadian Celebrities, Tapeworms, and Illusions have in common?

OH CANADA! /></center></p>
<p style=Prepare yourselves for the best Canada Day event, ever! Join Tom Green, Sebastian Bach, and Chris Jericho as they take over Sunnyvale in our most Canadian-filled event to date! This “sorry” and “eh?” filled event starts on July 2nd! so collect some poutine and race for the top prize. Did we mention that there’s a whole metric sh*t tonne to win!

(That’s right, we use the metric system up here.)

Who's a cute little guy?

Pepe and some deeeeecent Hot Sauce! The animated series is coming to the game folks. Pepe the Tapeworm is joining us, July 23rd, for a fantastic event filled to the brim with hot sauce. Catch your own pepperoni cobra for the first time this month!


You’re getting very sleepy, man this dope must be potent! Reveen is coming back, and using his mind magic on all the folks of the park. Nab Reveen and a super special Freak Mind costume for Jacob starting July 30th to end the month!

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