Trailer Park Boys: Wedding Bells Toll in Sunnyvale

Trailer Park Boys: New Wedding Event!


Get ready to embrace the ones you love!

The next Wedding Event is live on August 30th at 2PM PDT and it’s been completely rewritten and re-tuned!

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Bumblecock Randy

Nothing says “consenting adults” like a little costume play.

Unlock Randy’s Bumblebee costume to spice up your life and boost your Mystic Fingers profits by six times!

Baby Randy

Just remember, the birds and the bees can lead to babies.

At least that’s what we’ve heard. Baby Randy is up for grabs and ready to double your Dirty Dancer profits!


New Seasons!

New seasons coming!

We’ve got some brand new, extra greasy game seasons coming your way! Get ready for five extra stories of Sunnyvale’s finest plus a spanking new business this August 30th. Keep an eye on your brainphone, boys!

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