Trailer Park Boys: Uncuff Lucy’s Constable Sexy Costume

Trailer Park Boys Samsquamptch

Officer, catch that Samsquamptch!

There’s a new cop in town, and she’s ready to bust you outside the muffler shop! She’ll be up for grabs during the live event June 21st to 25th.


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Lucy Sexy Cop Costume

Give your Army Surplus a Push-Up

…or get cuffed? Well, Lucy’s latest costume can do both of those things! The cuffs aren’t real, but the 4X bonus certainly is! ?


Samsquamptch Jacob

Shoot a Samsquamptch film!

You’ll have another chance to unlock Jacob’s Samsquamptch Costume this event! This hairy beast boosts the Piss Factory by 4X!


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Leaderboard Update Coming Soon

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