Trailer Park Boys: The Scorpion is Coming!

Trailer Park Boys Swayzie Express Event

Choo Choo, Greaseballs!

The Swayzie Train is pulling into Sunnyvale Station with a powerful brand new prize! Be sure to check it out on February 22nd at 2PM PST! Try to unlock all the prizes before it ends Monday, February 26th at 2PM PST.

Trailer Park Boys Bubbles Scorpion

Bubbles has vanished…

The Scorpion has rolled into the park. He just moved here from the desert, which are plentiful in Nova Scotia. This rare new costume is the perfect disguise to hide from the law… or to boost ALL your profits.

Scorpion Bubbles will quadruple the speed of your business and double all your profits! You don’t want to miss out on unlocking this powerful costume.

5 New Seasons!

Five New Seasons!

Finished the main storyline? The fans asked for more and that’s what they get! Five spanking new seasons are available on February 23rd! More boss battles, more prizes, and more greasy content. See if you can beat ’em!

TPB Stickers

Stick it on everything!

It won’t cost you many hashcoins to pick up this set of vinyl stickers. Decorate your stuff with familiar faces from the game.

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