Trailer Park Boys: ⚓️The Green T’ides of March 🍀

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy March Events!

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TPB Cruise Event

Pull up the anchor and batten down the hatches!

In celebration of the official Trailer Park Boys Cruise, we’re putting on an in-game celebration for all us landlocked greaseballs. Play the brand new event on March 7th at 2PM PST! Remember your sunblock!


St. Paddy's Event

Don’t party too hard at sea and blow your liquor wad early!

St. Paddy’s festivities are just around the corner. Play the completely rewritten St. Halloweastermas event on March 14th!


Tom Green Event

Daddy, would you like another Tom Green Event?

Well, it’s coming back! We just hope you’re ready to unleash the fury on March 21st.


Wrestling Event Part 1

Two brand new events in one month? Why not!?

The Sunnyvale Screwjob is a brand new wrestling extravaganza! Time to bust out the makeup and skin-tight costumes, boys! Get in the ring on March 28th! Part two coming your way on April 4th.

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