Trailer Park Boys: The Green Bastard!

Trailer Park Boys Samsquanch Event

Bubbles? Who’s Bubbles?

It’s the Green Bastard, parts unknown, baby! Enter the wrassling ring during the Rap Battle event March 15th at 2PM for your chance to try to take him down. Be warned though, he’s a tough opponent. Watch the trailer to size him up!

Trailer Park Boys Green Bastard Costume

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Trailer Park Boys Green Bastard Costume

Here by popular demand…

Earn this powerful costume that gives a base profit bonus of 6x to ALL businesses! With all 30 cards, that’s up to 18x! You have until March 19th at 2PM PST to take down the Green Bastard.

Trailer Park Boys MC Flurry Tracksuit Costume

Like father, like son.

Unlock MC Flurry’s epic Tracksuit costume during this weekend’s rap battle. He may be small, but he gives a big 4X bonus to the Honey Oil Refinery. Don’t miss out on the chance to win lots of liquor and cards this event!

Trailer Park Boys Rap Battle


Trailer Park Boys Green Bastard Facebook Profile Frame

Get a Photo with the Green Bastard!

Get your hands on this greasy Facebook photo frame while the gettin’ is still good, boys! Use it as a camera filter or apply it on your profile photo! Try it today by clicking the button below.

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