Trailer Park Boys: The Good Ol’ Hockey Game!

Trailer Park Boys Community Theatre

It’s time for Hockey Camp!

Join us from July 19th 2PM PT to July 23rd 4PM PT to score some big prizes! Make it greasy and keep your sticks on the ice.

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Steinberg is a bit of a scumbag but he fights for you!

He triples all your businesses’ profits by finding loopholes in the legal system. There might be some heavy hits in the game, so a lawyer is always handy!


All the cheering attracted some Bible salesmen.

Hampton and Tanya are back in the park to spread the good word and double your profits from the Denture King and Army Surplus.



Tyrone and Sam Live Stream

Check Out the Studio Visit and Live Stream!

Sam Losco and Tyrone Parsons dropped by the studio for some cold ones and a live Q and A. Beer was guzzled, chicken wings were eaten, and your questions were answered! Check out the video!

Tyrone and Sam West Coast Tour

T and Sam West Coast Tour!

Are you in British Columbia? Don’t miss your chance to see Sam “The Caveman” Losco and T, AKA Tyrone, LIVE! See them in the flesh at The Haney Public House in Maple Ridge on July 21st. Can’t make it? Check out some additional dates or our stream. It’s sure to be a greasy time!

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