Trailer Park Boys: The Return of the Zombie Apoctalips!

Trailer Park Boys Zombie Apocalypse Event

The Zombie Apoctalips has returned!

Back by popular demand, this event is a fan favourite! The boys are gonna need your help against the undead invasion on March 1st at 2PM PST. Complete with a brand new story, rebalance, and unlocks! It will be available to all players past Season 5!

Trailer Park Boys Apoctalips Candy

She’s large and in charge!

Unlock Apoctalips Candy and Zombie J Roc! It’s a no-brainer, boys. Jroc literally has no brains… Candy’s new costume will give a hefty 4x bonus to profit and 2x bonus to speed for the Wrestling Ring. Zombie J-Roc will boost Roc Vodka’s speed 4x and double its profits! Pretty decent for a moaning zombie!


Trailer Park Boys Zombie J-Roc

More Free Hashcoins

Earn double free Hashcoin rewards on the Offerwall!

From March 2nd to the 5th, claim 2x the reward when you complete offers! It’s simple to redeem: click the red “More Free Hashcoins” button at the bottom left of the screen and complete the offer listed. Don’t miss out on this deeecent chance to get some extra coins!

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money Zombie Apocalypse

Breaking News

Channel 10 News’ Steve Rogers is reporting live from Sunnyvale Trailer Park to bring you the latest details of what appears to be an undead outbreak. Tune in now for updates.

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