Trailer Park Boys: 🍾 New Year, New January Updates! 🎉

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy January Events!

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Cheeseburger Picnic

Grandma Obaa-Chan has the good stuff rolled up!

Her grandsons are complete weirdos, but at least they’re always holding. Play the Cheeseburger Picnic event on January 3rd to unlock all three of them!


Hockey Camp

Keep your sticks on the pavement, boys!

Hockey Camp is back on January 10th with brand new prizes! Just keep the penalties to a minimum and try not to berate the ref this time, okay?


Trailer Park Girls

The Trailer Park Girls event has been completely rewritten for January 17th!

The boys are out of town, and the girls are getting crazy. We hope you like debauchery because things are about to get weird.


Straight Outta Sunnyvale

A brand new event is coming your way: Straight Outta Sunnyvale!

The boys are in the joint, and J-Roc and Tyrone are running things! This story has everything a maf’k could want, so check it out on January 24th!



Zombleys?! At this time of year?

Alright then, board up the windows and grab the 9mm. You’ll be defending Sunnyvale from the walking dead on January 31st. We hope you’ve been doomsday prepping!

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