Trailer Park Boys: New Seasons and Event!

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money Halloween Event - Zombie Sunnyvale

Can’t stop the Greasy Money train, greaseballs! We’ve rolled out a new update, and the Swayzie Express Event is back with a brand new prize, but don’t worry, you can still get the Swayzie Train as well!

Cory Randy and Ricky
The Swayzie event is live now and we have a new prize! It looks like the boys managed to drag a bank robot back to Sunnyvale. The Stolen ATM increases profits for the Casino. Time to take out a greasy withdrawal!
Let’s get greasy!

Halloween Event Reward - Swish Still
A new update is out, and with it comes a bunch of new features. There are five new seasons, two new characters, one new business, and a bunch of squashed bugs. Don’t be a twiggy alien looking cinnamon twist and update now!

Halloween Event Reward - Swish Still
Bubbles is reporting for SwearNet LIVE from Sunnyvale Trailer Park!! Check out this clip on the set for Season 12.


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