Trailer Park Boys: 🚘 New Collectors Coming to Sunnyvale! 🚔

Trailer Park Boys: New Collectors

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The Sunnyvale 5-0

We have brand new Collectors coming to Sunnyvale!

We’ve redone the tutorial, and now it gives out The Sunnyvale 5-0 Liquor Collector! It’s an easy grab for any greaseball! Just don’t break the law (as much) in front of it…


The Fuzz Buggy

The Fuzz Buggy Character Card Collector is drifting into the park as well!

This bad boy has some power under the hood! Just remember, it only gives out cards for characters you’ve unlocked!


Cyrus' Car

ALL previous Collectors have been rebalanced!

Check out Cyrus’ Car to see how it’s changed! Spoiler alert: it’s for the better!


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