Trailer Park Boys: Little Ricky and Bobby Turkalino

Trailer Park Boys Rap Battle

Help J-Roc get his swagger back!

Play the newly rebalanced Rap Battle event on May 10th at 2 PT. It’s time to remind Jamie who he is, ya’ nome sayin’? Maybe some new prizes will help jog his memory.

Meet Little Ricky and Bobby Turkalino!
Meet Little Ricky and Bobby Turkalino!

These puppets might be the only thing keeping Bubbles from going off the deep end. This duo will boost all your profits, no strings attached.

Trailer Park Boys Reggie

MC Flurry’s tracksuited up.

This costume boosts the Honey Oil Refinery. It’s pretty aight, na’mean? It doesn’t improve the kid’s attitude, though.

Trailer Park Boys Facebook Contest

Congrats to the Facebook Contest Winners!

We loved reading all your favourite quotes from the show. All winners have been sent their in-game prizes. Keep an eye out for the next contest on our social media pages!


Trailer Park Boys Happy Mother's Day

To all the deeeecent moms out there…

The world wouldn’t be the same without someone raising all the Baby Moes and Baby Randys out there. Send some chicken fingers to a mom that’s special to you! Make sure they’re the good kind!



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