Trailer Park Boys: Hunt Samsquamptch!

Trailer Park Boys Samsquanch Event

The Hunt for Samsquamptch Begins!

Oh my god, boys. We’re officially dealing with a Samsquamptch. It’s probably a 10 footer by the looks of it. Some say they don’t exist, but you try telling that to all the people who got eaten by them! This hairy bastard is coming to the next event on March 8th at 2PM PST! Rumour has it that if you hunt it down, Channel 10 News has a big cash prize waiting for you. In this brand new event, you can unlock liquor, cards, and Lady Samsquamptch Jacob! Event ends March 12th at 2PM, so you better get huntin’!

Trailer Park Boys Samsquanch Jacob Costume

What’s that hairy beast?!

After checking it out with a baseball bat, it turns out it’s just Jacob in a costume. Use his disguise to lure the Samsquamptch and give a big 4X boost the Piss Factory’s profits! It’s a foolproof plan, boys.

Trailer Park Boys Bunk BQ

Did you miss out on the BunkBQ?

This chicken finger-cooking, burger-grilling machine is back! Unlock it this weekend to make 2X profits for the Dirty Burger!

Trailer Park Boys Samsquanch


Trailer Park Boys Board Game

20% off High Roller board games!

Get greasy in your living room. Play a Sunnyvale spin on classic games with ‘Trailer Park Boys Opoly’ and ‘Supply and Command’. Pick up a Trailer Park Boys game during their March Madness sale!

Trailer Park Boys Season 12

The Spanking New Season You’ve Been Waiting For!

Trailer Park Boys Season 12 hits Netflix worldwide on Friday, March 30! Will YOU be watching?! Watch the trailer now to get hyped for your next Netflix binge!

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