Trailer Park Boys: Happy 420!

Trailer Park Boys 420

Happy 420 Sh*thawks

Sunnyvale is gearing up for the biggest holiday of the year: 4/20! Starting on April 19th at 2pm PT, the latest event is celebrating all things green. Two new greasy costumes are up for grabs, and everyone is ripped out of their heads! The event ends on Monday, April 23 at 4pm PT, so what are you waiting for? Get in there bud! 

Trailer Park Boys Stoned Ricky

Epic New Prize: Stoned Ricky!

Ricky may be stoned stupid, but he’s not useless. Between slamming ranch, he’s somehow boosting the Roc Piles profits! Deceeeeeeent!

Trailer Park Boys Lahey

Epic New Prize: Indianapolis Jones!

We’re sure he’s just rehearsing for a play or something. Lahey is all dressed up as the one and only Indianapolis Jones! He’s missing his Bumble Bee partner, but he’s still ready to boost all your businesses’ profits.

Trailer Park Boys Lahey

Hashcoin Promo!

Starting Friday the 20th, all Hashcoin offers will be giving out double! Be sure to check out the surveys for some quick and greasy coins.

Trailer Park Boys Lahey

Happy 420 Sh*thawks!

Watch this greasy video from the boys!




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