Trailer Park Boys: Greasy September Updates

Trailer Park Boys: September Events!

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Back 2 Shrooms

It’s back to school time again and the boys are taking a trip down memory lane.
The Back 2 ‘Shrooms event is live and smoking under the bleachers on September 5th.


Orangie's Bornt Day 2

It’s Orangie’s bornt-day, and the boys are gonna get even more f**ked-up than last year (like they need an excuse to party).
Will Orangie survive another birthday bender, or will he succumb to the big toilet bowl in the sky?
This event is going belly up on September 12th!

Bach vs Green Event

The boys and the Roc Pile have written a musical.
Here’s the hard part; will the performance be a Rap or Rock opera? Sebastian Bach and Tom Green take sides in this musical battle royale. Who will lead this creative divide to fame and fortune, or who will be destined to the D list?
Join us to find out all the answers in Bach vs. Green on September 19th!

Greasy Ball is Filled With Love

Your favourite on-air anchorman, Steve Rogers is here to help find Sunnyvale’s solitary sweetheart a date to the ball.
Will it end with long walks on the beach while holding hands, or a hefty dose of penicillin?
Find out the results on September 26th!


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