Trailer Park Boys: Greasy October Updates!

Trailer Park Boys: October Events!

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Nathan MacKinnon Event

Welcome to Hockey Night in Sunnyvale, starring our very special guest, Nathan MacKinnon, (but you can call him Nate).
Will Nate help the boys hat trick their way to victory, or will they end up in the penalty box?
Keep your sticks on the ice because the puck drops on October 3rd.


Canadian Thanksgiving Event

Once again, that greasy bastard Steve Austin is running amuck around Sunnyvale. Will Thanksgiving be ruint, or will Ricky finally have his vengeance on that dumb mother clucker? The table is set, and this event is ready to stuff it’s face on October 10th!

Oktoberfest Event

Do you guys know how to say gold mine in German? Because we sure don’t!
The boys are at it again, but this time with a dirty bratwurst and a leader-hoe-zen. This Oktoberfest event is going to the drunk tank on October 17th!

Halloween Event

Trick or treat, smell my… wait a minute!
Everyone is the park is feeling really f**ky. Whatever they ate, definitely wasn’t your typical “candy”. This two part event is going straight to the grave on October 24th!


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