Trailer Park Boys: Greasy November Updates!

Trailer Park Boys: November Events!

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Steve Jessup Event

Well, woo-hoo and holy sh*t!
America’s southern inventor is back in the park. Come and join Steve Jessup while he checks out all of Sunnyvale’s latest creations. Don’t forget the three W’s: Whiskey, Weed, and Women. Have your bail money ready because this event is getting blotto on November 7th.

Rap Battle Event

Join the rhyme spitters and beat droppers as the park gets wiggity wack in this version of Sunnyvale’s OG Rap Battle. Don’t be caught pullin’ your goalie when the show starts. Irra irra, this mic is gonna drop on November 14th BRAAP!


Get ready to elbow smash your way into this event. He’s not just a ref anymore. Join Sunnyvale’s newest wrestler, Cory, as he makes his debut on the mat! This high flying event is comin at ya off the top rope on November 21st!

Terry Event

You’re gonna yell “GIVE’R” when you see who Ricky picked up down at the Legion…
Fubar’s own, Terry Cahill! So grab yourself a Freedom 35 or two, because on November 28th, we’re turnin’ down the suck! AWOOO! 🤘

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