Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money’s Spookiest Month Yet!

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money’s Spookiest Month Yet!


October is upon us in Sunnyvale and something sinister is about to go down in the park. Which sh*thawk is guilty of knocking off residents one by one? You’ll have to play to find out!

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Hockey Camp

Keep those sticks on the ice and your eyes on the puck!

Hockey Camp is back with a vengeance! Play on October 4th and keep the penalties to a minimum, boys.


Sunnyvale Murders, Part 1


You read that right! There’s a murderer in the midst of Sunnyvale! Will the boys find the culprit or lose their lives?! Check out the first of three horrifying events starting on October 11th.


Sunnyvale Murders, Part 2

Who could be killing Sunnyvale residents in cold blood?

One of the boys? The Caveman? Maybe Cory and Trevor finally snapped! Boot up the second event on October 18th as the plot thickens…


Sunnyvale Murders, Part 3

Brace yourself for the thrilling conclusion on October 25th!

Who will win? Evil or, well, not as evil… This may be the end of Sunnyvale as we know it, greaseballs. Don’t miss out on the bloodbath!


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