Trailer Park Boys: Greasy May Updates!

Trailer Park Boys: April

The Labia Lectures Event

Join Sarah as she helps the park get learnt. How does a proud feminist survive in an old fashioned world like Sunnyvale? She puts on a show! Get your tickets to The Labia Lectures. This event is taking charge on May 7th at 2PM PST.

The Ken-f**ky Derby Event

They’re at the post and ready to make a run for the winner’s circle.  Will kids day in the park take a backseat to gambling? Get ready to place your bets because this game is fixed and ready to go live on May 14th at 2PM PST.

The Sunnyvale Prom Event

Jacob got learnt and the park is celebrating. Will the long-armed alien graduate become King of his own party, or will he only see red? This event is getting stuffed into a locker on May 21st at 2PM PST.

The Sunnyvale Cup Event

The park is gearing up for the playoffs. A new team’s in town and sh*t-talkin the Sunnyvale Snipers. Lace up your skates and grab your stick, it’s time for The Sunnyvale Cup. This event is pullin’ the goalie on May 28th at 2PM PST. Game on!

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