Trailer Park Boys: Greasy January Updates!

Trailer Park Boys: January Events!

Ladies Night Event

The ladies are running the park! They’ve got boxed wine, liquor, and some of those candyass coolers!
The Ladies Night event is back and wearing extra sharp stilettos on January 2nd at 2PM PST.

Cheeseburger Eating Contest Event/></center></p>
<p style=It’s time to put your burger where your mouth is! Randy’s lifelong training is about to pay off… hopefully.
It’s time for the Sunnyvale Cheeseburger Picnic. Wear your stretchy pants and get ready to eat your feelings on January 9th at 2PM PST.

Chris Jericho Event

Got a case of the winter blues?  Join our special guest as he prepares for his rock n wrestling cruise.
See who he hires to fill his entertainment hole! Come sail away, maaaaan on January 16th at 2PM PST.

Wrestling Event

The Park is being invaded! Terry’s in town for a classic Sunnyvale Wrestling brawl.
Get in the ring and check out who will be flying high on January 23rd at 2PM PST.

Bottlegeddon Event

The Bottle Kids are back and ready to shatter their way into your brain phones.
Grab your rubbing alcohol and bandages, you’re gonna need them!
This event is smashing through the park on January 30th at 2PM PST.

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