Trailer Park Boys: Greasy February Updates!

Trailer Park Boys: February Events!

Zombies Event

This isn’t your typical Walking of The Dead episode.  There have been whispers that this Zombie event is waking up from it’s dirt nap and coming straight for your brain phones on February 6th at 2PM PST.


Your favourite on-air anchorman, Steve Rogers, is here to help find Sunnyvale’s solitary sweetheart a date to the ball.  Will it end with long walks on the beach while holding hands, or a hefty dose of penicillin?
Play February 13th at 2PM PST to find out the results!

Reveen Event

What happens when you mix Bubbles having a traumatic experience, a deranged puppet, and The Man They Call Reveen? A lot of f**ked up stuff. Get hypnotized by this event on February 20th at 2PM PST.

Three Fuckateers Event

Things are getting treacherous for the dwellers of ye olde trailer park!
Join The Three F**keteers in this not so normal adventure. Who will end up king, and who will wind up half horse-half man?
Get caught up in this two-part dope tale, starting February 27th at 2PM PST.

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