Trailer Park Boys: Greasy April Updates!

Trailer Park Boys: April

Nathan MacKinnon Event

The boys are at it again with another SVW show, but this time they’ve got a ringer. Nathan McKinnon is coming back to Sunnyvale to bring the pain. This event is switching sports and taking names on April 2nd at 2PM PST

Back 2 Shrooms Event

It’s about that time for the boys to take another trip down memory lane. The Back 2 ‘Shrooms event is going live and getting French Canadian Kissed on April 9th at 2PM PST.

420 Doug Benson Event

Doug Benson is here to help the boys celebrate 420 in true style.
Will the green be free flowing, or will a threat from the alien invasion interrupt everyone’s plans? This event is rollin’ into the park on April 16th at 2PM PST.

Their F**ky Assignment Event

Not just anyone can join the force.
Find out which one of Sunnyvale’s junior cadets has what it takes to throw on the badge and uniform. Will the power go to their head, or will there be some f**ky sh*t going down? This iron fist of the law is making noise on April 23rd at 2PM PST.

Catching a Boat to F**koffity Land Event

It’s time to sail for the sloppy seas and you’re all invited.   Don’t forget your liquor filled sunscreen bottles, and those travelin’ tearaways. This event is casting off on April 30th at 2PM PST.

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