Trailer Park Boys: Eternal Orangie Lives On!

Trailer Park Boys Bornt Day

Happy Bornt Day, Orangie!

We have a new prize coming your way this event. We’ve immortalized Orangie for ya! Unlock him in the latest event starting on May 24th at 2PM PT!


Win Eternal Orangie!

Eternal Orangie lives on!

He’s not as active as he used to be, but thanks to string theory and the space-time continuum, he lives on. There’s nothing fishy about this costume, it’ll boost all your profits by 4X from beyond the grave!

Trailer Park Boys Tanya

Look who came crawling back?

The little scamp is back and ready to double your used gas profits. Changing diapers has never been so profitable!

Bubbles Orangie

Orangie ain’t dead!

“He still exists in the space time continuum, that’s how the universe works!” Let Bubbles break down black holes and string theory for ya. Maybe it’s the glasses, but we were so sold on his lesson that the new event story is based on it. Don’t believe it? Watch the video and get learnt!

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