Trailer Park Boys: Celebrate Liquor Day with Huge Prizes!

Trailer Park Boys Samsquamptch

It’s no secret that Sunnyvale loves liquor…

Which is why we’re celebrating all spirits this event! Just remember, the liquor works both ways! Play Liquor Day on Thursday, June 28th to Monday, July 2nd to win big prizes!

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Swish Julian

The boys have gotten into the swish!

Julian is dancing around with an old, dirty dog, Bubbles eyes are glazed over, and Ricky can barely walk. Even plastered, Julian is down to boost your Roc Vodka business by 6 times!


Cheryl Crow

Cheryl Crow has Broken Away from her Murder

She’s ready to roost in the park. This little pecker is going to double your Honey Oil Refinery profits! She will make your profits soar!


Liquor Day Video
Another prize on top of all this, 10,000 Liquor!

That’s enough liquor to sink a small ship or knock out a park supervisor! Check out the latest video for a sneak peek at Liquor Day prizes!

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