Trailer Park Boys: Brand New Event! The Five-Oh Come to Sunnyvale!

Trailer Park Boys: New Police Academy Event!


The Five-Oh are visiting Sunnyvale to run a recruitment campaign!

The boys see an opportunity for a scheme, but will they make the cut and become Sunnyvale’s finest? Boot up your brainphone on August 23rd at 2PM PDT to find out!

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Erica Miller Sunnyvale P.D.

Erica Miller is looking for potential police candidates, but we doubt she’ll find any…

The good news is, her Sunnyvale P.D. costume will boost your Army Surplus profits by five times!


Weapons Stash

Ever wonder where cops put confiscated goods?

In a big duffle bag! Unlock this big bag of weapons to double profits for Ricky’s Used Gas. Just don’t be like Cyrus and check the safety, okay?


Trailer Park Boys Cruise

Liquor Ahoy, buds!

Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are casting off March 6 – 10, 2019 on the Trailer Park Boys Cruise: Out of Jail and Setting Sail! Join The Boys along with Randy, Cory, Jacob, Tom Green, Doug Benson, and Bif Naked as they navigate the waves to their own private island in the Bahamas.

Prepare yourself for the greasiest cruise this world has ever seen!

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