Trailer Park Boys: Another Wedding Event

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money Wedding Event in Sunnyvale!

Jacob and Trinity

Grab your tuxedos boys, it looks like Trinity and Jacob are getting married (again)! One of these weddings should stick… at least it’s just another chance to get a sweet prize! The wedding is running right now and will be live for 4 days starting Thursday, November 9 at 2 pm PST! What are you waiting for, bud?!

New Prize - Oscar Goldman
New Prize: Oscar Goldman

There’s a brand new prize this time around! Oscar Goldman is on the loose in Sunnyvale and up for grabs. This Hen boosts the profits for Kittyland.  Be sure to unlock this little pecker and other great rewards from playing the event.
Let’s get greasy!

Alternate Prize - Vodka Kiddie Pool
More Prizes: Vodka Pool

In case you missed it the first time, you’ll have another chance to win the Vodka Pool from the last wedding. Get two birds stoned at once as you cool off and get wasted at the same time. It also boosts profits on Roc Vodka, so get your best shirt on and get ready to crack some liquor.


Live From Sunnyvale

Take a tour of the most DECENT shed with a borrowed 360 SwearNet camera and Bubble’s as your guide. Will there be a kitty cameo? Only one way to find out!


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