Trailer Park Boys: A new feature is released, the boys get SUPER, and our 200th Season!

New June Content!

New Time Skip Feature

Are you ready for an all-new feature coming to the game!?  Earn Time Skips as a reward and save them for later. You can use them in the main game or the event, however you’d like. Buying a Time Skip with hashcoins generates cash immediately, but you can use stockpiled Time Skips at your leisure wherever and whenever you want to.

New Collector

A new feature means a new collector to amp it up!   Don’t miss your chance to unlock The Zamboner, coming out later this month! Not only does it look rad, it’s a Time Skip collector! It’ll give out Time Skips for you to use whenever you’d like. Catch it coming to leaderboard rewards in an event near you!

Sunny's Squad Event

It’s time to put your underwear over your pants (pro tip: make sure they’re clean), and use your sheets as a cape! We’ve got an entirely new event theme coming at y’all. With great dope, comes great lung capacity, and that’s no exception for the Sunny Squad! Join our heroes in this very special, super powered, event. There’s going to be loads of new costumes for the gang so don’t miss this action! Catch the Sunny Squad’s debut June 11th at 2PM PT.

New Seasons

We’ve got new seasons coming soon, including our 200th! With our 200th season comes a whole new business! That’s right, unlock The Motel and help run the namesake of our adorable Baby Mo. Keep an eye out for these fantastic narrative gems later this month!

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