Pot Farm Board Game Shipping Update

Here’s a quick update for everyone. We’ve been hard at work on making sure the board game and the rewards are assembled perfectly for all the backers.

The printing and curing process of the board games are complete and they are on their way from China to the United States, but due to the congestion at the Chinese ports and New York, the board games won’t arrive at Game Salute (our fulfillment and distribution partner) until December 20th. Once the games clears customs, we can start shipping them out from the Game Salute warehouse. Here’s hoping there are no more setbacks!

Pot Farm Board Game

However, we are super stoked to announce that all the swags have been shipped to all the Backers (Best Bud T-Shirt, Sasquatch, Ultimate Neighbour, Uncle Floyd). We’ve added some rare limited edition stickers to make up for the delay.

BUT WAIT, there’s more! We’re also happy to announce that as a bonus reward for your patience, we’ve upgraded all your Backer Rally Gear items to +7. Keep in mind this will be the absolute last time we’ll upgrade this fantastic rally gear item!

Pot Farm Board Game table of shipments

Pot Farm Stickers

Pot Farm Board Game Swag

Pot Farm Board Game boxes and shipments

Pot Farm Board Game Post man


We’re hoping to receive them as soon as possible so sit tight a little bit longer, we are pushing hard to get it soon. Once again sorry for the delay.

Thank you for your patience! 🙂

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