PocketGamer.biz features East Side Games!

PocketGamer.biz wrote an awesome feature on East Side Games and how the company stays “fiercely independent”:

Our culture is king. We have a very unique culture and team. We have fun – I mean we built and support Pot Farm and we like to say we are fiercely independent.
We love our fans and work with them on building great games. We let people work on their own games. We have our team meetings at the pub, team lunches once a week and soccer games during crunch time. We work and play hard.
But I think the main thing is we are honest and blunt. We share our success and failures with the team, and analytics and planning aren’t hidden but shared with the entire team.
We have a number of ‘costanza’ employees: indies whose contract is up but they still hang out, work part time or stay in touch. It is perfect for crunch times and I don’t know many studios that can say this, people just have a great time on some projects and stay in touch to work with us on the future.
I guess the way we remain different is we stay to our indie roots. We fail lots, we ask questions when we don’t know and we take risks.

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