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Pot Farm Board Game

Pot Farm Board Game Available on Amazon

Grow Weed in Your Living Room!

The first board game on Kickstarter that lets you grow weed;
Our love letter to the Pot Farm community.

We’re really excited about the Pot Farm Board Game, live, ready to play and available in stores at Amazon!

2-to-4 player weed harvesting action

Farmers take turns growing outrageous plants, buying improvements for their own farm, and competing to see who is the ultimate Pot Farmer.

Watch out for Ranger Dick

Each turn players must choose whether to maintain positive “protection” levels comparatively to their neighbors, otherwise Ranger Dick might confiscate their weed.

Harvest weed

Harvest weed from your farm, keep’m in your stash, and sell them to buy land upgrades, contraptions, hydroponics, and more!

Play till the Seed Bag runs out

Whoever has the most valuable farm and weed in their stash wins the game!

Pot Farm: The Board Game
Pot Farm: The Board Game is now fully funded!

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