July Updates – Get Locked and Loaded (Not That Kind of Loaded)

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy July Events!

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Game of Bones Pt 2

It’s time to roll the dice on this battle of North vs South.

In the second half of this two-part event, the boys are playing for keeps to ensure their spot on the Bone Throne. Part 2 of the Game of Bones event is popping off July 4th. We’ll set them up, you knock ‘em down!


Zombie Event

Get locked and loaded (not that kind of loaded) because this Zombie event is coming back from the dead and straight to your brain phones on July 11th!


Sunnyvale Prom Event

Someone spiked the punch (more than once)!

Put on your finest tuxedo t-shirt or most scantily clad Dirty Dancer attire because it’s the Sunnyvale Prom. This trailer park prom event will be going live and getting drunk behind the gymnasium on July 18th!


Best in Show Event

Grease up those participation ribbons!

The Best in Show event is back. This fancy feast of a competition is going to showcase Sunnyvale’s defenders of dope at their cutest. We’re not kitten around when this event goes live on July 25th!


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