Google+ digs up 30-day exclusive with Eastside Games’ Zombinis


East Side Games is excited to bring ZOMBINIS to the Google+ platform for a 30 day exclusive. Zombinis is a collecting/ battle game featuring adorable and somewhat explosive zombie animals with detachable body parts and addicting gameplay. The game will go live on the social network on Tuesday, March 6 and will be promoted at Games Developer Conference (GDC).

East Side Games is an Indie studio based in Vancouver with an experienced team of social and mobile developers. They developed and continue to grow the hit social game POT FARM, which has had over 5 million installs. On mobile, they built BLAZE RUNNER for both iOS and Android, and have just released NOMNOM COMBO for iOS.

Creative Director Galan Akin thinks Google+ is a great fit for ZOMBINIS. “We released the game earlier in a closed Beta, and collected a lot of feedback from users. The exclusive launch gave us an opportunity to make an even better gaming experience, and we think it really shines on Google+.  It’s exciting because Google+ is growing and is committed to bringing high quality games to the platform.”

“As a leading Independent Game Studio, ESG felt it was a fantastic opportunity to support Google in creating an additional viable platform for Indie Game developers. Jason Bailey was instrumental in creating a viable platform for game developers on Facebook by creating Super Rewards, the monetization platform for social games in 2007. Today, G+ is poised to become a new social games platform, increasing the rewards for all game developers. ESG is honoured that Google included us in being part of this early growth.”

Play Zombinis HERE on Google+