Geek Badge Visits East Side Games

Geek Badge dropped by the East Side Games office to get an inside look at our fiercely independent studio:

East Side Games in Vancouver has grown into the prime example of not only how to grow an indie development company, but also what it can bring to the industry. Seeds of big time developers has sprouted one of the most talented groups under one roof. The resumes are extraordinary. The products are great.


Residing in the newly re-established downtown east side, this inflating indie studio is turning the city on its head. The new standard in development here, East Side Games started off with a few people from bigger companies making small social games under an old guise. What came to be is an extraordinary team separated into smaller teams, each working on specific games/projects. Not only does this exchange of team members provide the quintessential indie development experience of working in small teams, but it also provides the resources of other professionals working behind a single (zombie proof) door.

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