Gamezebo Flies ESG’s Ruby Skies

Gamezebo just released a preview of Ruby Skies, East Side Games’ latest title for iOS:

Billed as a game of “exploration and romance,” East Side’s latest is part time management sim., part comedy adventure, part harlequin romance novel. Venus has determined (as gods are wont to do) that the world needs more love, and sends Cupid – that’s you! – to spread the Bob Marley good vibes. Your destination? “A wondrous world of islands floating amidst pink fluffy clouds.” Don’t understand how a place like that could be bereft of love? Why are you asking logical questions!?


Back in suspension-of-disbeliefville, it’s your job to scour this island world in search of treasures that hold value for the game’s quirky cast of characters, and use them to decide – choose your own adventure style – how their love lives will play out. Collect a pirate flag to endear Henrick the scurvy seafarer to Rosie, despite the rocky shores lingering in their past. Opt to harness a Jane Austen novel instead to ignite the fire between firey-haired book nut Adelia and Hendrick instead!


The choice is purportedly yours, as East Side promises the social game mechanics die-hards love blended with an ample amount of story-driven hijinx fresh to the genre.

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