#ESGcares – Valentines Day


There’s a reason why we are coined Eastside Games, and it’s because we are part of the Eastside in Vancouver (or DTES as it’s known). We live in it — a lot of us do, anyways –, we work in it, we love it, and we aren’t keen on turning a blind eye to the rest of its inhabitants.

CRABTREE CORNER, an organization that we’ve brought up multiple times here at ESG, is who we prefer to partner with as they help support marginalized Women and Families in the Downtown Eastside. A large percent of their program users are Aboriginal, and that hits home for a lot of Vancouverites.

We sent a few ESGers over today with a special surprise.

“We were told there’s often a big lull for the women and families receiving surprises like this between Christmas and Mother’s Day, and that they were going to be so excited to be recognized and have treats for Valentine’s Day. That made us feel really good,” – Courtney, Community Manager.

Today, in the lead up to a holiday designed around love, we donated 36 gift-bags to Crabtree, thanks to the indispensable help from the these amazing friends, with their donations;

We cannot thank our friends enough for helping us make a tiny difference in the lives of a few special people. Follow the link above for information on how you can contribute to Crabtree, or search online for how you can make a difference in your neighborhood.