ESG is Powering Up Its Benefits

While making games is a dream job for many, its reality can be sobering at times. Like other creative endeavours, stress can arise between moments of elation and creation. As Jay-Z once famously opined, our daily lives equips us all with our own batch of 99 problems to work through. To help deal with life’s toil, here at East Side Games, we offer an array of benefits and solutions to help our ESGers take proactive steps in managing their psychological well being. 


Come October 1st, we’re partnering with League and Inkblot to bring a brand new benefit to our ESGers. On top of our extended health benefits such as health, dental, paramedical services and our spending accounts including Health Spending and Lifestyle Spending, ESG is now offering an online video counselling service to all of our employees. 


We understand our ESGers live busy lives, in and outside of work, so to support these lifestyles, online counselling offers more flexibility and accessibility than traditional psychotherapists. No need to leave the house or take time out of the work schedule to attend appointments, employees can participate in therapy sessions from the comfort of their own home at a time that works for their schedule. 


Dr Arash Zohoor, co-founder of Canadian company Inkblot saw his patients continuously frustrated by the barriers they faced seeking help with their mental health, which is where his idea for a better therapy through virtual counselling came from. Inkblot prides itself on short wait times for an appointment – often within 24 hours, registered psychotherapists that are best matched to individuals based on their needs, affordable therapy sessions at half the price of the national average of traditional therapy and most insurance plans cover the cost of these sessions. 


East Side Games offers employees a membership to Inkblot, including a free mental health assessment and personalized recommendation report to start, followed by complementary therapy sessions and further therapy sessions can be reimbursed through paramedical benefits and spending accounts – so our employees can get the professional support they need … without being out of pocket!

Everyone can benefit from counselling, and having a service that can work around your schedule certainly helps too.