ESG in the Vancouver Sun

Check it out! East Side Games and Jason Bailey are in the Vancouver Sun with our friends from A Thinking Ape!

From the article:

There’s one other mobile app developer of similar size in Vancouver, East Side Games.

It’s the brainchild of a veteran entrepreneur and angel investor on the local high-tech scene, Jason Bailey.

Bailey previously co-founded Super Rewards, a web company that was a pioneer in the emergence of freemium game development and enabled many popular Facebook games to turn their fans into paying customers.

Today, East Side is a fast-growing venture in the social game space, developing Facebook games with edgy names like Pot Farm and Blaze Runner.

“There are only two studios in the city that are seriously pumping out money and doing incredibly well right now. That’s East Side and A Thinking Ape,” Bailey said.

“I love these guys. They’re cocky because they’re smart. They’re moving fast. They’re absolutely killing it in the marketplace.”

“We’re competing for engineers, we’re competing for artists and producers.”

A quick look at East Side’s jobs page confirms that. They have 14 job openings, and Bailey said they’re hiring every week. But, he adds, there’s “kind of an unwritten rule” that East Side and Ape don’t poach from each other.

“I really, honestly want to see them do well and they really, honestly want to see us do well. If I say something useful to Kenshi, he’s going to give me something back that I can use and we are both going to get farther ahead as a result.

“Right now I’m wearing a Thinking Ape T-shirt.”

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