Here at East Side Games, we have a motto: Community is everything

East Side Games - Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money - Stickers

Here at East Side Games, we have a motto: Community is everything.

As an independent studio, one without publishers, we thrive on our fans and their support. It drives us every day and fuels our products. This explains the constant buzz of excitement in the studio since the launch of Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money. The mobile game dropped on Android and iOS on 4/20, and the studio has been buzzing since.

It’s been a wild ride, but we’ve been blown away. Since our official launch a week ago, we’ve hit over 1 million installs on iOS and Android. We’ve watched this game hit #1 in Canadian app stores, and it continues to rise in the US, UK, and many other markets. The studio’s custodian is still sweeping jaws off the floor.

The fan feedback, both from Trailer Park Boys fans and just fans of gaming, has been amazing. We measure our success by our community’s response. The results, while early, have been astounding. With an average of 4.8 on the Google Play Store from over 40,000 reviews, and a 5 star rating on the iOS App Store, it would be an understatement to say that we’re stoked. Just quickly browsing the reviews will show you players saying the game is “sweartastic”, “friggin awesome”, “a masterpiece”, or as one player poetically puts it: “Sweet game but I’m stoned!” Dope, dude. We like your style.

Even off the official app’s page, the community has been thriving. Feedback has been rolling in on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Players are sharing their milestones, talking about the characters they’re unlocking, swapping tips and tricks, and pointing out the finer details. @TigerrrUppercut tweeted, “Oh god I just noticed Julian’s book collection in @TPBGAME and it’s hilarious.” We’ll leave it up to you to check that out in-game.

We’re also thrilled to work on such an established, alternative, Canadian brand. Trailer Park Boys’ fans are one of a kind, and it’s been hilarious taking part in their community. Everyday we find a ton of social media posts that make us laugh hysterically. Sometimes it gets rowdy, but the hard yards are worth it.

And this is just the start. As the players continue to chime in, we’ll be listening, getting pumped on the feedback, and pouring it right back into the game. You’re the wind beneath our wings, the blood in our veins, the beer in our keg, the, uh, burgers in our gut. Anyway, you get the point.

Above all, we are humbled and excited to keep giving back to you, the players.

Thank you for your support and love,

East Side Games